Friday, 22 December 2006

Layoff Victims

As 2006 winds down, there are 31 fewer employed members of the Toronto Sun Family working out of the editorial offices at 333 King Street East.

Here are names and faces to put with the 2006 "layoff" announcements at Sun Media since June:

Bill Brioux, Full-time Entertainment Critic

Natalie Pona, F/T Reporter

Brett Clarkson, Part-Time Reporter

Maryanna Lewyckyj, F/T Assistant Money Editor

John Simpson, P/T Copy Editor

Laura Bobak, P/T Copy Editor

Tania Pereira, P/T Copy Editor

Mark Keast, P/T Amateur Sports Editor

Sherry Johnston, F/T Administrative Assistant (a Day Oner)

Scott Stevenson, F/T Mail Messenger

April Novak, P/T Typist

Manuela Foliero, P/T Typist

The following people were targeted for layoff, but saved by buyouts:

F/T Photographer Dave Lucas (saved by Fred Thornhill’s buyout)

F/T Sports Reporter Mike Koreen (saved by Kim Bradley’s buyout)

F/T Copy Editor Jon McCarthy (saved by Dave Henderson’s buyout)

F/T GA Reporter Brodie Fenlon (saved by Sandy Naiman’s buyout)

In addition the following union vacancies have been eliminated:

Reporter (Rob Granatstein, promoted to manager)

Reporter (Lisa Lisle, promoted to manager)

Reporter (Vivian Song, hired as a “national” reporter)

Copy Editor (Bill Pierce, promoted to manager)

Showcase Editor (Bob Bishop, fled to the Star)

Assistant Showcase Editor (Derek Tse, fled to the Star)

Copy Editor (James Robbinson, hired as “corporate” editorial co-ordinator)

Entertainment Critic (Steve Tilley, promoted to “national” technology writer)

Copy Editor (Lara Schroeder, fled to CBC online)

Proofreader/Copy Runner (Gillian Symington, fled to MuchMusic)

Says Maryanna Lewyckyj, SONG Unit Chair, Toronto Sun editorial: (until Jan. 25):

"Although the unionized workforce has shrunk from about 151 jobs at the beginning of the year to about 120 jobs now, not a single manager was targeted for layoff in the two rounds of cuts, except Rick Van Sickle, whose position was immediately filled."

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  1. Don't forget Andrew Wallace, who was in the union as assistant photo editor, then was promoted to management with the firing of Rick Van Sickle, then fled to the Star.