Thursday, 17 July 2008

Doug & TSF

The Toronto Sun Family blog always welcomes praise from other blogsters, even when they err in identifying J. Douglas Creighton as the host blogster.

It happened again this week when the bigcityliberalstrikesback blog described TSF while commenting on John Downing's reactivated Downing's Views blog:

"In J. Douglas Creighton's case, you get a lively, warts and account of inside workings at the T.O. Sun and in the city itself. When it's John Downing, I'm not so sure, all though (sic) this rant was entertaining enough:

"They [city bureaucrats] have turned amalgamation into a cruel charade. The city hasn't grown that much in four decades, say from 2.15 million to 2.5 million, but the bureaucracy has exploded. Quantity up, quality way down. What we need is term limits, and maybe one term is too long."

The bigcityliberal blog posting Wednesday also has feedback about Downing's most recent posting.

The photo of Doug on the TSF blog is a tribute to our late, great founding publisher, who was ousted from the Sun in November 1992 and died in January 2004. We recently added '1928-2004' below his photo to avoid confusion, but . . .

We have also received e-mails addressed to Doug, including one from a Ryerson student.

To be clear, we are nowhere near being able to fill Doug's shoes. We are just former Toronto Sun staffers who will always be in awe of Doug and his role at the Little Paper That Grew.

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