Wednesday, 23 July 2008

G.G. honours

The George Gross Media Center.

George, who died of a heart attack March 21, now has his name on an international tennis media centre.

This one is at York University's Rexall Centre Sports & Entertainment Complex.

The Sun's founding sports editor also has his name on a new Canadian soccer trophy - the George Gross Memorial Trophy, awarded yesterday for the first time.

The Baron spent much of his 60 years in the media writing about sports.

Sports won't soon forget George.

In the four months since his death, George has been honoured during football, tennis and soccer events in Toronto.

A Toronto Sun story by Mike Ganter and Dean McNulty tells of the honours double-header yesterday at a Rogers Centre tennis tournament and a BMO Field soccer game.

We can see George beaming.

Could a new or renamed George Gross Memorial Arena to honour George for his dedication to all levels of skating be next?

It is the right thing to do.

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