Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Howard Hayes

They were media pioneers, those 62 Day Oners who launched the underdog Toronto Sun on Nov. 1, 1971, two days after the Telegram folded.

Among them, Howard Hayes, one of five Day Oners in the tabloid's business office, along with Art Holland, Jim Brown, Bruce Rae and Mary Zelezinsky.

Howard's daughter, Barbara Pratt, contacted TSF to say her father is well and will celebrate his 86th birthday on Aug. 3 in the Agincourt house he and his wife built "many years ago."

Taking care of business from that first day played a key role in the success of the Sun, so take a bow, Howard, and happy birthday.

If you have Day One stories to tell, Howard, we'd be delighted to share them with TSF readers. Your bio and photo for our Hired in 70s posting would also be appreciated.

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