Tuesday, 8 July 2008

TV guide 2

Toronto's Sunday Sun television guide is not dead after all - it is now available to readers "in selected areas only."

They are the chosen people, those people in the "selected areas," and in the Sun Media scheme of things, all other readers be damned.

Obviously, the guide is not here and TSF readers elsewhere say it is not there, so do you think the Toronto Sun could spare a word or two to elaborate on those "selected areas?"

To pull the TV guide from large numbers of Sunday Suns without a word of explanation after 35 years is the ultimate insult to faithful readers.

It is no longer the greatest print media television guide in town, but it still has an audience, including seniors on a fixed income.

But Quebecor doesn't give two hoots about readers. Reducing the output of TV guides saves them money, period. Like they aren't making enough money off the backs of Toronto Sun employees, readers and advertisers.

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  1. I have been a Sun reader for thirty years, however after the stupid move to remove the TV guide and say selected areas only, B.S. Toronto Sun. I will never buy your paper again, but hold on that's not all. I will start a petition for all of eastern Ontario to stop the sale of the Sun. Your price goes up, your service goes down. Not a good decision. A moronic decision.