Monday, 7 February 2011

Pain & gain

Sandra Lonar didn't fare well at the Toronto Sun, where she was laid off, and at the Financial Post, where she was laid off three months later.

But from the pain, there was gain - her husband of 11 years, Tony Luccisano.

Sandra tells TSF:

"Hi there - great blog - I just found it and am wasting much time reading it, lol.

"This page caught my eye. My husband worked at the Financial Post, first as a conference planner and then in circulation.

"I worked at the Sun (for Paul Godfrey), but was downsized in the second wave.  I was offered a position in the Post’s circulation department and took it.

"Despite being downsized from that job three months later, I have good memories of the department because I met Tony there. Still together and married now for over 11 years."

Now that is what you call a 333 bonus.

Thanks for the update, Sandra.  

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  1. In reality, work has been outsourced to India. Barrie and Woodstock are picking up the slack when India doesn't understand instructions.