Sunday, 6 February 2011

Re Ron Farmer

A comment to TSF from Ron Farmer, a former Sun Media vet:

"I was a Day One staffer at the start-up of the Edmonton Sun in 1978. I was later transferred to the Calgary Sun composing room as night foreman in 1986. 

"I left the Calgary Sun and moved, with my wife, to Des Moines, WA, where I went to work selling tools at Sears. Worked my way up to store manager at the Sears outlet store in Tacoma, Wa. 

"My wife Lee and I are now living back in Canada.

"I am currently serving a 3-year term as the councillor in the Village of Vilna, in Northern Alberta, and loving every minute of it.

"I was informed of Brian Whipp's passing last weekend, too late to attend the funeral.

"I found this blog page and after reading some of the stories, I am sure glad that I got out of the Sun Corporation when I did before the Quebecor takeover.

 "Thank you Doug Creighton, Peter (Worthington) and Don (Hunt) for 19 years of enjoyment at what was the greatest paper in the world."

Thank you for your comments, Ron.

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