Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Story Board

The 21st century hasn't been easy on Canadian freelancers, with mass layoffs flooding the market and citizen "journalists" willing to work for free. 

The Story Board, a welcomed website launched in November, is described as a meeting place for independent journalists and media freelancers across Canada.

The Canadian Media Guild and the Canadian Writers Group launched the site with the following introduction:

"The CMG and the CWG have formed an exciting new alliance to advance the interests of freelancers who provide content to Canadian media organizations. 

"CMG is a national union representing 6,000 media workers across Canada, including hundreds of freelancers. 

"CWG is an agency that represents individual writers in contract negotiations with publishers and works to expand the writers’ client base. 

"The alliance is also backed by CWA/SCA Canada, the parent union of the Canadian Media Guild."

We know freelancers who are hurting and anything designed to help them get a square deal in a highly competitive market gets our endorsement.

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