Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Brad's exit

Brad Honywill
We've been thinking it has been all too quiet out there when it comes to Brad Honywill, president of the 3,000-member CEP 87M (Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild).

A quick visit to his Brad's Blog explains the lack of Honywill commentary. He signed off as president effective June 1, ending a hectic five-year run. 

"I’ve given up my elected position of Local president and accepted a position as staff representative for the Local, starting June 1," Brad says in his blog.

"This means I no longer have to run for office every two years, kiss babies, oversee the administration of the Local and preside over the myriad of meetings that are a crucial part of governing a democratic body. Now I have a secure job and the protection of a union contract, no small benefits in these times."

Brad first got involved in the union in 2004 when elected unit chair at the Toronto Sun. In the five years of this TSF blog, he was always an email away for comment on Sun Media affairs.

He signs off as president by saying:

"Serving as president of this Local was the most satisfying job I’ve had in my life and I’d like to thank all 3,000 members for allowing me the opportunity to perform this role. It was exhausting, challenging, exhilarating, fulfilling and whole lot more adjectives that are probably too colourful for this space. But all of that made it the best job in the world, as far as I was concerned."

Thanks for keeping TSF readers in the loop, Brad. All the best in your new venture.

SONG members who want to comment on Brad's five years as president can email TSF.

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  1. First, congratulations, Brad.
    Brad did a terrific job in one of the most trying times in the newspaper industry.
    Did he satisfy everyone? Nope. Did he work long, long days (and nights) doing his level best for his members? Darn right.