Thursday, 7 July 2011

We get links

Gary Dunford, the Toronto Sun's Page 6 legend, sent us this link:

Dunf writes: 

"John Paton's candid in-house reports to his Journal-Register employees always make for interesting and thought-provoking reading, but if you scroll way down past his current fave quote clips, presentations, charts and video you'll find his March memo to the troops in which he celebrates turning their  'bankrupt' enterprise around in one year to a $41 million profit.

"And in recognition of same . . ."


"We put about 1,000 Flip cams in your hands and we now produce about 4,000 minutes of original local news video per week. Stay tuned for more on that next quarter – think JRC TV.

"You changed our culture and how we think. And we are a better Company for that.

"AIl of that change is reflected in our bottom-line. I promised you would all share in that profit, so look in your pay check tomorrow - you will all find an extra week’s pay. All, that is, except for our senior executives. They have a bonus plan and it’s enough already.

"I promised and you delivered. And I cannot thank you enough for your effort this past year."

TSF believes the late, great Doug Creighton, who hired Paton as a copy boy way back when, is smiling on his protege.

As Dunf says about the "it's enough already" statement - LOL.

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