Sunday, 31 July 2011

Worth repeating

A comment posted by Mike J re TSF's highs and lows posting::

To give credit where credit is due, here's a high:

Today (July 30), a man was shot and killed near the conclusion of Toronto's annual Caribana parade. The Toronto Star got the story wrong. The Globe and Mail got the story wrong. CBC-TV got the story wrong. National Post seems to have missed the story entirely.

Only Ian Robertson from the Toronto Sun got it right with full details and correct background information. Well done Ian!

This is entirely due to Ian's experience as a cop reporter. Had any other lesser Sun reporter done the story, I suspect they would've fallen short like the other newspapers and TV, all of which used less experienced reporters (to be polite).

My point here is that laying off experienced staff in favour of cheap new hires is/was a huge mistake. A paper needs "bench strength". An experienced reporter knows the news history of the city, they have connections and they know "how things work".

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