Saturday 17 February 2007

Joan Sutton Straus

An e-mail from Joan Sutton Straus, former Toronto Sun Lifestyle editor and now a successful author living in New York City:

"The Sun: it took care of its employees, it never sacrificed its editorial integrity, and it made money, for its employees and its shareholders. Perhaps Quebecor could be more profitable if it learned from the paper's original philosophy.

"I am very glad to have found this page, and look forward to connecting with the many who wore plaster on their collars, froze in the draft from the hole in the wall, talked back to management, (and were heard!), and proved all the pundits to be wrong.

"Joan Sutton Straus, approaching 75, alive and well in New York, and realizing anew every day what a privilege it was to be part of the Sun's beginnings . . ."

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