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TSF authors

Numerous prolific journalists have worked the keyboards at the Toronto Sun since its launch in 1971, including former and current staffers who can now include "published author" on their resumes.

We thought it would interesting to compile a who-authored-what list since the Sun was launched on Nov. 1, 1971. Authors are listed in alphabetical order, followed by book title, date of release, publisher, number of pages, fiction (F) or non-fiction (NF)

To date, 58 authors. To add authors and titles, e-mail us

Amernic, Jerry

Victims: The Orphans of Justice, 1984, Bantam Seal, 270 pages (NF); Markham: Shaping a Destiny, 1998, Community Communications, 104 pages (NF); Canada's Technology Triangle, 1999, Community Communications, 176 pages (NF); Gift of the Bambino, 2002, Boheme Press, 219 pages, and 2004, St. Martin's Press, 218 pages (F); Duty - The Life of a Cop, co-written with Julian Fantino, 2007, Key Porter, 320 pages (NF)  

Anthony, George
Starring Brian Linehan: a Life Behind the Scenes, 2007, McClelland & Stewart,  360 pages (NF) 

Barfoot, Joan
Abra, 1978, McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Dancing in the Dark, 1982, Macmillan Canada; Duet for Three, 1985, Macmillan Canada; Family News, 1989, Macmillan Canada; Plain Jane, 1992, Macmillan Canada; Charlotte and Claudia Keeping in Touch, 1994, Key Porter Books; Some Things about Flying, 1998, Key Porter; Getting Over Edgar, 1999, Key Porter; Critical Injuries, 2002, Key Porter; Luck, 2005, Knopf Canada; Exit Lines, 2008, Knopf Canada, 336 pages. All are novels in the 300-page range. 

Base, Ron
Matinee Idol, 1985, Doubleday Canada, 310 pages (F); Foreign Object, 1986, Doubleday Canada, 298 pages (F); Splendido, 1988, Macmillan of Canada, 209 pages. (F); The Movies of the Eighties, co-author, 1990, Marquee, 280+ pages (NF); Marquee's Guide to the Movies, 1991, Marquee Publishing, Inc., 240 pages (NF); If the Other Guy Isn't Jack Nicholson, I've Got the Part: Hollywood Tales of Big Breaks, Bad Luck, and Box-Office Magic, 1994, McGraw-Hill/Contemporary, 319 pages (NF); Starring Roles, 1996, Little, Brown, 320 pages (F); Cuba: Portrait of an Island, 2005, co-author, Macmillan Publishers, Oxford, 92 pages (NF); Magic Man, 2006, Thomas Dunne Books, 320 pages (F); The Strange, 2009, West-End Books, 302 pages (F); The Sanibel Sunset Detective, 2010, West-End Books, 244 pages (F)

Blackadar, Bruce
Last Call: A Journey Into - And Out Of - Alcoholism, 1989, Prentice-Hall, 220 pages (NF)
Blatchford, Christie
Spectator Sports, 1986, Key Porter Books (NF); Close Encounters, 1988, Key Porter, 151 pages (NF); Mother and Daughter, 2006, McLelland & Stewart, 224 pages (NF); Fifteen Days, 2007, Doubleday Canada, 400 pages (NF); Helpless, 2010, Doubleday Canada, 272 pages (NF)   

Blizzard, Christina
Right Turn: How the Tories Took Ontario, 1995, Dundurn Press, 192 pages (NF); Young Royals on Tour: William & Catherine in Canada, 2011, Dundurn, 64 pages (NF) 

Bourrie, Mark
Chicago of the North, 1993, Annan and Sons (NF); Ninety Fathoms Down: Canadian Stories of the Great Lakes, 1995, Hounslow/Dundurn, 184 pages (NF); Canada’s Parliament Buildings, 1996, Hounslow/Dundurn, 120 pages (NF); By Reason of Insanity: The David Michael Krueger Story, 1997, Hounlsow/Dundurn, 280 pages (NF); Flim Flam, 1998, Hownslow/Dundurn, 160 pages (NF); Hemp Culture: A Short History of a Most Misunderstood Plant and Its Uses and Abuses, 2003, Key Porter, 160 pages (NF); True Canadian Great Lakes Stories, 2004, Prospero Books, 259 pages (NF);  Many a Midnight Ship: True Stories of Great Lakes Shipwrecks, 2006, Key Porter/University of Michigan Press, 278 pages (NF); The Fog of War, Censorship of Canada's Media in World War II, 2011, Douglas & McIntyre, 344 pages (NF) 

Brioux, Bill 
Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV's Most Famous Myths, 2007, Praeger Publishers, 194 pages (NF) 

Burnside, Scott
Deadly Innocence, co-author, 1995, Warner Books, 584 pages (NF)
Cairns, Al
Deadly Innocence, co-author, 1995, Warner Books, 584 pages (NF) 

Comeau, Pauline
Elijah: An Extraordinary Ordinary Hero, 1993, Douglas & Mcintyre Ltd., 224 pages (NF); The First Canadians: A Profile of Canada’s Native People Today, 1995, James Lorimer & Co., 220 pages (NF)

Cosway, John

Lotteries: Winners, Losers and Other Stuff, 1986, co-author, Canada Wide Features, 103 pages (NF)

Creighton, Doug
Sunburned - Memoirs of a Newspaperman, 1993, Little Brown & Co., 195 pages (NF)

Crittenden, Danielle

What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman, 2000, published by Simon and Schuster, Touchstone, paperback, 208 pages (NF); Amanda Bright @ Home, 2003, published by Warner Books, hardcover (F); The President's Secret IMs, 2007, published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment, paperback (NF)

Currell, Harvey

Byways and Bylines, 2009, published by Strafford Publishing, 380 pages (NF); More Trips Around Ontario, 1971, published by Paperjacks, 128 pages (NF).; The Mimico Story, 1967, published by Town of Mimico and Library Board, 101 pages (can be read online) (NF); Thirty Trips Around Ontario, 1966, published by the Toronto Telegram, 118 pages (NF); Where the Alders Grow, 1956, published by the Etobicoke-Mimico Conservation Authority, 53 pages (NF) 

Donato, Andy
The Best of Donato: Political Cartoons, 1974, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, Toronto Sun (NF); Would You Buy a Used Country from This Man? - Trudeau’s Ten Years in Cartoons, 1979, contributing cartoonist, Coles (NF); Chins and Needles: Political Cartoons, 1986, Key Porter Books (NF); The Strife of Brian: Political Cartoons, 1987, Key Porter Books (NF); Gucci Blues: Political Cartoons, 1988, Key Porter Books (NF); The Agony and the Exit: Donato's Political Cartoons, 1988, Grosvenor House Press, 200 pages (NF); Neverending Tory, 1993, Key Porter Books (NF); The Little Book of Canadian Political Wisdom, 2004, illustrator for author Rick Broadhead, Key Porter Books, 200 pages (NF); Canadian Editorial Cartoonists, 2010, contributing cartoonist, LLC Books, 54 pages (NF)

Downing, John
Once Upon a Century: 100 Year History of The Ex, co-author, 1978, J.H. Robinson Publishing Ltd., 143 pages (NF); The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - Its History From 1961-2007, co-author, 2007, ProVidea Inc., 111 pages (NF)

Dunford, Gary: Good Buy, Canada, 1975, co-authored with Murray Soupcoff and Rick Salutin, J. Lorimer & Company, 100 pages (NF); Never Sit Where the Cat Sat: Gags, Giggles and Gossip, 1980, Best Sellers, Inc., 180 pages (NF); There's A Leak In My Litterbox: Laughs, Gaffes and Depression Cures, 1982, Best Sellers, Inc., 158 pages (NF)

Edwards, Peter 
Waterfront Warlord: The Life and Violent Times of Hal C. Banks, 1987, Key Porter Books, 213 pages (NF); Blood Brothers, 1990, Key Porter Books, 237 pages (NF); The Big Sting, 1991, Seal Books, 194 pages (NF); Deadly Silence: Canadian Mafia Murders (with
-->Antonio Nicaso), 1993, Macmillan of Canada, 219 pages (NF); A Mother's Story: My Battle To Free My Son David (with Joyce Milgaard), 1999, Doubleday Canada, 288 pages (NF); One Dead Indian, 2003, Stoddart Publishing, 256 pages (NF); Night Justice: The True Story of the Black DonnellysThe Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime: From Captain Kidd to Mom Boucher (with Michel Auger), 2004, McClelland & Stewart, 280 pages (NF); Northern Connection: Inside Canada's Deadliest Mafia Family, 2006, Optimum Publishing International, 302 pages (NF); Delusion: The True Story of Victorian Superspy Henri Le Caron, 2008, Key Porter Books, 344 pages (NF)
Elliott, Bob 
Hard Ball, 1990, Key Porter Books (NF); The Ultimate Blue Jays Trivia Book, 1993,  McClelland & Stewart (NF); The Northern Game: Baseball The Canadian Way, 2005, SportClassic Books, 212 pages (NF) 

English, Kathy 
Page 1: 50 years of Canadian Journalism, co-author with Nick Russell, 1999, Canadian Newspaper Association, 370 pages (NF).

Filey, Mike

Group; More Toronto Sketches, 1993, A Toronto Album (Glimpses of the City That Was), 1970, University of Toronto Press; Look At Us Now, 1971 Telegram/Sun; Toronto - Reflections of the Past, 1972, Nelson, Foster and Scott; Toronto - The Way We Were, 1974, Nelson, Foster and Scott; Passengers Must Not Ride On Fenders, 1974, Green Tree; Trillium and Toronto Island, 1976, Peter Martin Assoc.; Wish You Were Here, 1977, Greey de Pencier; Toronto: City Life - Old & New, 1979, Nelson, Foster and Scott; I Remember Sunnyside, 1982, Brownstone; A Toronto Almanac, 1970/83, self-published; Not A One Horse Town, 1986/1990, Firefly; Toronto Flashbacks 1 & 2, 1989, Postcards/Firefly; SkyDome, Like No Other In The World, 1989, Sun Controlled Ventures; Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 1990, Dundurn Group; Toronto Sketches, 1992, Dundurn; From Horsepower to Horse Power, 1993, Dundurn; Toronto Sketches 4, 1995, Dundurn; The TTC Story, 1996, Dundurn; Toronto Sketches 5, 1997, Dundurn; Discover and Explore Toronto's Waterfront, 1998, Dundurn; Toronto Sketches 6, 2000, Dundurn; Toronto, Then and Now, 2000, Magic Light Publishing; A Toronto Album 2, 2002, Dundurn; Toronto Sketches 7, 2003, Dundurn; Toronto Sketches 8, 2004, Dundurn; Toronto Sketches 9, 2006, Dundurn; Contributor to: The Open Gate - Toronto's Union Station, 1972, Peter Martin Assoc.; Once Upon a Century - 100 Year History of the Ex, 1978, J. H. Robinson Publishing; Toronto's 150th Birthday - The Celebration of Friends Official Commemorative Album, 1983, Controlled Media; Celebrate Our City - Toronto 150th Anniversary, 1983, McClelland & Stewart; Pantages Theatre - Rebirth of a Landmark, 1989, Key Porter; Hurricane Hazel, 1994, Dundurn. All non-fiction.

Fisher, Joe

Skin Dive, 1977, Paper Jacks, 191 pages. (F); The Case For Reincarnation (Citadel Library of the Mystic Arts), 1985, HarperCollins, 280 pages (NF); Hungry Ghosts, 1990, Doubleday, 296 pages (F); Coming Back Alive: The Case For Reincarnation, co-author, 2001, Souvenir Press, 344 pages (NF)

Fortune, Len 

From See to See: 50 Years of Photojournalism, 1999, Canadian Newspaper Association, 120 pages (NF); Design consultant for Page 1: 50 years of Canadian Journalism, by Kathy English and Nick Russell, 1999, Canadian Newspaper Association, 370 pages (NF) 

Frayne, Trent
Famous Hockey Players, 1973, Dodd Mead, 160 pages; The Mad Men of Hockey, 1975, Dodd Mead, 191 pages; Famous Tennis Players, 1977, Dodd Mead, 192 pages; Famous Women Tennis Players, 1979, Dodd Mead, 223 pages; Tales of An Athletic Supporter, 1990, Random House, 309 pages; Trent Frayne's Allstars, 1996, Doubleday Books, 288 pages; One Hundred And One Years of Hockey: Includes the 1999-2000 Stanley Cup Playoffs, co-author, 2001, Dodd Mead, 304 pages; Hockey Chronicles: An Insider History of National Hockey League Teams, co-author, 2002, Key Porter, 255 pages. All non-fiction.

Gibson, Valerie: The Older Woman's Guide to Older Men (Canadian title), Younger Men: How to Date Them, Mate Them and Marry Them (U.S. title), 1992, SPI Books, 189 pages (NF); Cougar: A Guide to Older Women Dating Younger Men, 2002, Key Porter, 168 pages (NF)

Gladman, Jerry
Muhammad Ali, Toronto Sun Publications, 64 pages (NF)

Haines, Max 
When the Toronto Sun's veteran Crime Flashback columnist Max Haines retired last year, he had 27 books to his credit. We are attempting to compile a complete list. Meanwhile, this is Mike Strobel's farewell to Max. And Max has a new book in stores and online: Spitting Champion of the World, 2007, Viking Canada, 272 pages (NF)

Holt, Simma 
Terror in the Name of God: The Story of the Sons of Freedom Doukhabors, 1964, McClelland & Stewart, 312 pages (NF); Sex and the Teen-Age Revolution, 1967, McClelland and Stewart, 163 pages (NF); The Devil's Butler, 1972, Random House, 216 pages (NF); The Other Mrs. Diefenbaker, 1982, Doubleday Canada, 378 pages (NF); Memoirs of a Loose Cannon, 2008, Seraphim Editions, 325 pages (NF)

Hornby, Lance
The Story Of Maple Leaf Gardens, 1998, Sports Publishing Inc., 150 pages (NF); Mats Sundin, 2000, co-author with Scott Morrison, Key Porter Books, 96 pages (NF); Hockey Chronicles, 2001, co-author, Checkmark Books, 255 pages (NF); Hockey Dynasties: Bluelines and Bloodlines, 2002, Key Porter Books, 256 pages (NF); Hockey's Greatest Moments, 2004, Key Porter Books, 224 pages (NF)

Iaboni, John
CFL Facts, Figures & Records, co-authored with Larry Robinson, 1985-1989, Methuen/McClelland & Stewart, various page counts (NF); The Eternal Flames - The Inspiring Story of the Stanley Cup Winning Season, co-authored with Peter Maher, 1989, McClelland & Stewart, 130 pages (NF); Football Now!, co-authored with Mike Leonetti, 2006, Firefly Books, 176 pages (NF); Maple Leafs Top 100 - Toronto's Greatest Players of All Time, by Mike Leonetti, with essays from John, 2007, Raincoast Books, 240 pages (NF); Football Now! Second Edition, co-authored with Mike Leonetti, 2009, Firefly Books, 176 pages (NF)

Kendall, David
Lazaro, aka Where The River Runs Black, 1983, McClelland & Stewart, 216 pages (F)

Lamothe, Lee 

Criminal Acts II: The Canadian True Crime Annual, 1995, Macmillan Canada, 160 pages (NF); Global Mafia - The New World Order of Organized Crime, co-author, 2000, Diane Publishing, 203 pages (NF); Bloodlines: The Rise and Fall of the Mafia's Royal Family, 2001, Harper Flamingo Canada, 352 pages (NF); Bloodlines, 2001, HarperCollins, 352 pages (NF); Last Thief, 2003, ECW Press, 208 pages (NF); Global Mafia - Chronologies and Beginnings!, 2003, G7 Books (NF); Custom Healthy Business Travel Tips, 2004, Wiley, John & Sons (NF); Angels, Mobsters and Narco-Terrorists - The Rising Menace of Global Criminal Empires, 2005, Wiley, John & Sons, 288 pages (NF); The Sixth Family: The Collapse of the New York Mafia and the Rise of Vito Rizzuto, co-author, 2006, Wiley, John & Sons, 288 pages (NF); The Finger's Twist, 2009, Turnstone Press, 256 pages (F); Free Form Jazz, 2010, Dundurn, 400 pages (F); Picasso Blues, 2011, Dundurn, 410 pages (F)

Leatherdale, Linda

Money is a Girl's Best Friend, 2002, Key Porter Books, 158 pages (NF)

Lefko, Perry
The Greatest Show On Turf, 1996, DRF Press, 184 pages (NF); Flutie, 1999, Sports Master, 244 pages (NF); Sandra Schmirler, Queen of Canadian Curling, 2000, Stoddart Publishing, 208 pages (NF); Bret "Hitman" Hart, 2000, Stoddart Publishing, 128 pages (NF); Thoroughbred Racing’s Greatest Day, 2003, Taylor Trade Publishing, 272 pages; Pinball: The Making Of Canadian Hero, 2006, John Wiley & Sons, 336 pages (NF) 

MacFarlane, Richard
The Story of J. Douglas MacFarlane, 2000, ECW Press, 365 pages (NF)

MacGregor, Howard 

Lotteries: Winners, Losers and Other Stuff, 1986, co-author, Canada Wide Features, 103 pages (NF)

Margolis, Eric
War At The Top Of The World: The Clash For Mastery Of Asia, 1999, Key Porter, 250 pages (NF); War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan and Asia, 2007, Key Porter, 320 pages (NF); American Raj: Liberation or Domination, 2008, Key Porter, 400 pages (NF)

Millar, Cal
Find My Killer, 2009, Createspace.com, 326 pages (NF); I'm Missing - Please Find Me, 2011, Createspace.com, 448 pages (NF); How a Colonel Became a Killer, 2012, co-authored with Ian Robertson, Amazon.com, 312 pages (NF); Keep Kids Safe, 2013, Amazon.com, 488 pages (NF); What is Crime Stoppers, 2014, Amazon.com, 304 pages (NF)

Morrison, Scott 
Fire On Ice: Hockey's Greatest Series, 1987, Pulse Books, 96 pages (NF); The Days Canada Stood Still: Canada vs USSR 1972, 1989, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 233 pages (NF); Toronto Blue Jays: 1992 World Series Champions, 1992, Toronto Sun Publishing (NF); Back 2 Back: Toronto Blue Jays 1993 World Champions, 1993, Toronto Sun Publishing (NF); The Official NHLPA Fantasy Hockey Guide: The Definitive Hockey Pool Reference, 1997-1998, 1997 & 1998, Triumph Books, 276 pages (NF); Wayne Gretzky: The Great Goodbye, 1999, BT Bound, 96 pages (NF); Mats Sundin: Centre of Attention, 2000, co-author, Key Porter Books, 96 pages (NF); On Course with Mike Weir: Insights and Instruction from a Left-Hander on the PGA Tour, 2001, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Trade, 179 pages (NF); By the Numbers: From 00 to 99, 2007, Key Porter Books, 288 pages (NF); Hockey Night in Canada: My Greatest Day, 2008, Key Port Books, 216 pages (NF)

Oliver, Greg 
The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Canadians, 2003, ECW Press, 280 pages (NF); The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Tag Teams, co-author, 2005, ECW Press, 300 pages (NF); The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Heels, co-author, 2007, ECW Press, 432 pages (NF); SLAM! Wrestling: Shocking Stories from the Squared Circle, co-editor, 2010, ECW Press, 380 pages (NF); Benoit: Wrestling with the Horror That Destroyed a Family and Crippled a Sport, co-writer, 2007, ECW Press, 180 pages (NF) 
Olver, Robert
The Bicycle Tree, 1976, McClelland and Stewart, 237 pages (F); The Making of Champions: Life In Canada's Junior A Leagues, 1990, Viking Canada, 271 pages (NF); Catness, completed in 2014, (Bob's memoir). Details TBA. 

Poulton, Ron
Life In A Word Factory, 1976, Toronto Sun Publishing, 112 pages (NF)

Rimstead, Paul

Cocktails & Jockstraps, 1980, Prentice-Hall, 189 pages (NF); Rimmer, Dammit!, a collection of columns, edited by Les Pyette, 1987, Toronto Sun Publications, 241 pages (NF) 

Robertson, Ian: Prince Edward County: An Illustrated History, 2009, County Magazine Print Shop, 228 pages, co-authored with Steve Campbell, and Janet Davies (NF); How a Colonel Became a Killer, 2012, co-authored with Cal Millar, Amazon.com, 312 pages (NF); Camp Picton: Wartime to Peacetime, 2013, County Magazine Printshop, 178 pages (NF)

Robertson, Ken 
Windcharm: A Dream Delayed, 2007, Trafford Publishing, 184 pages (NF)

Sa, Rachel 

What Rachel Sa: A Field Guide for Parents, 2002, Stewart House, 175 pages (NF) 

Simmons, Steve

On Fire: The Dramatic Rise of the Calgary Flames, 1986, Polestar Press Ltd., 175 pages (NF); Lanny, 1987, co-author, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 218 pages (NF); The Lost Dream, 2011, Penguin, 260 pages (NF) 

Slinger, Joey
No Axe Too Small to Grind, 1986, McClelland & Stewart (NF); Down And Dirty Birding, 1996, Fireside, 240 pages (NF); Punch Line, 2005, Key Porter Books, 232 pages (F)

Sonmor, Jean
The Little Paper That Grew, 1993, Toronto Sun Publishing Corp., 408 pages (NF)

Strachan, Al

Go to the Net, 2006, Anchor Canada, 304 pages (NF)
Strobel, Mike
Bad Girls and Other Perils, 2010, Dundurn Press, 188 pages (NF)

Sutton Straus, Joan

Lovers and Others, 1974, Clarke Irwin & Co. Ltd., 120 pages (NF); Once More With Love, 1976, Clarke Irwin & Co. Ltd., 135 pages (NF); Clothing and Culture, 1975, McÇlelland & Stewart, 87 pages (NF); Love Lines, 1979, Toronto Sun Publishing, 143 pages (NF); All Men Are Not Alike, 1979, McLelland & Stewart, 119 pages (NF); A Legacy of Caring, 1996, the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, (foreword by Laurence Rockefeller), 297 pages (NF)

Turner, Garth 
Numerous financial aid books, including: 2020 New Rules For The New Age, 1999, Key Porter Books, 280 pages (NF); The Little Book of Financial Wisdom, 2001, Porter Books, 128 pages (NF); The Little Book of Real Estate Wisdom, 2002, Key Porter Books, 128 pages (NF); 2015 After The Boom: Revised. How to Prosper Through The Coming Retirement Crisis, 2002, Key Porter Books, 152 pages (NF); Greater Fool: The Troubled Future of Real Estate, 2008, Key Porter Books, 220 Pages (NF); After the Crash: How to Guard Your Money in These Turbulent Times, 2009, Key Porter Books, 240 pages (NF)

Vallee, Brian: Edwin Alonzo Boyd
The Story of the Notorious Boyd Gang, 1997, Doubleday (NF); Life With Billy, 1986, Seal Books, (NF); Pariah, 1991, Bantam Books, 80 pages (F); Life and Death With Billy, 1993, Seal Books (NF); The Torso Murder: The Untold Story of Evelyn Dick, 2001, Key Porter (NF); The War on Women, 2007, Key Porter, 376 pages (NF)

Warmington, Joe
Vanished In The Gulf, 1995, Battle Books, 142 pages (NF)

Worthington, Peter
Looking For Trouble, 1984, Key Porter, 470 pages (NF)

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