Friday 9 February 2007

Trudy Eagan e-mail

An e-mail from Trudy Eagan, former executive vice-president of Sun Media Corp. and a 28-year Sun vet.

"Reading this blog and recalling all the wonderful people/talent that have played a key role in the Sun's success over the years makes me sad and nostalgic for all the good times.

Blah Days in February were put in place because JDC thought everyone needed an extra day off during a dreary month;

"When cash incentives were initiated to help staff stop smoking;

"When Christmas Bonus days were a celebration with $$$$ handed out amidst laughter and eggnog;

"And most important of all . . . when the Toronto Sun kicked butt with some of the finest talent in town.

"Difficult times in the newspaper business these days, no question, but I remain hopeful that the tough Sun spirit will carry the day. With many wonderful memories."

Trudy Eagan

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