Sunday 25 February 2007

Pat Grier e-mail

While I applaud your efforts to highlight Sun staffers still producing, it pains me to note that there is not one single representative of the sports department mentioned.

For a department that garnered such respect across Canada, I find it odd that it would be lacking at a site such as this.

In case you need help, allow me to give them the kudos they deserve:

Sheila Chidley
Dave Fuller
Gary Loewen
Joel Colomby
Donald Duench
Jason Paul
Al Maffei
Paul Ferguson
Tim McKay
Doug Graham
Bob Elliott
Ken Fidlin
Bill Lankhof
Steve Simmons
Lance Hornby
Mike Zeisberger
Terry Koshan
Steve Buffery
Mike Ganter
Mike Rutsey
Rob Longley
Dean McNulty
Richard Mauntah
Ryan Wolstat

Sadly, it is a much shorter list than it was eight months ago.

Pat Grier
A proud former Sports Editor

Thank you for your e-mail. Our apologies to the sports department, especially to Dean McNulty, Mike Rutsey, Bob Elliott, Dave Fuller, Ken Fidlin, Joel Colomby and other sports desk vets. We will amend our previous posting.

There is an open invitation to you and all other current and former sports staffers to provide bio profiles and head shots for our "Hired In" postings. To date, we have Scott Morrison and John Iaboni in our 70s posting.


  1. You know what will happen now, don't you? Pierre Karl will see this list, figure it too long, and start axing. So simple.

  2. When I moved to Toronto in the 80's I read the Sun sports section religiously, it was great back then. Now all we get is arrogant @ssholes who do nothing but trash our city's teams.. stop hiring sports writers born in Quebec.. or is that against Quebecor policy?