Tuesday, 28 August 2007

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Congratulations to the Toronto Sun Family blog for consistently doing a much-needed job in an outstanding fashion.

While I'm not an ex-Sun staffer, I've been a Southwestern Ontario newspaper junkie for more than four decades, including working as a newspaper delivery boy for the forerunner of the Toronto Sun, the Toronto Telegram, during the early 1960s in Woodstock, Ontario.

I also used to enjoy Paul Rimstead's TV show back in the mid-1970s (I believe) when I lived in Hamilton, Ontario. I also know Les Pyette and the rest of the gang that came from the Windsor Star during the 1970s, including former Toronto Star editorial cartoonist Vic Roschkov, who is now living back in London.

Vic Roschkov subsequently joined the Sun family when he became the editorial cartoonist at the Edmonton Sun during the 1980s.

Today, I operate my own Breaking News-and-Views blog in London, Ontario - Butch McLarty's Alt-London at www.altlondon.org -- and check out your website on a daily basis for its quality posts and updates.

I also have a high-lighted link to the TSF in the left-hand galley of my site, to encourage my readers to tune into the TSF.

Keep up the outstanding work!

Best regards,
Butch McLarty
London, Ontario

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  1. Looks like PKP's centralized pagination concept is catching on. Transcontinental Media is doing the same in PEI.