Thursday, 30 August 2007

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A former Toronto Sun classified advertising employee who has asked to remain anonymous writes about the final curtain for the ads staff at 333 King Street East:

It's done and over.

Being outsourced to the call center in Kanata.

Closing happens at the end of October.

Only person being kept on is Elenore (customer service).

Goodbye Barb, Anna, Yasmine, Kristie, Winslow, Georgina.

Lucky for me, I left the classifieds three months ago. I saw this coming for awhile.

Now I wonder how people in Ottawa are going to answer rental questions about Toronto.

Can they advise if Christie Pits or Rexdale are good areas for renting?

I think not.

Thanks Quebecor!

TSF note: Another source says further shutdowns of local Sun Media classified operations in London, Edmonton, etc. to come in the near future.

The dismantling of the Toronto Sun and London Free Press will continue when the pressrooms become obsolete with the opening of Quebecor's new printing plant in Toronto, which has apparently been postponed until later this year.

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