Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Sean re Wayne

An e-mail from Sean McCann in response to Wayne Janes' comments. Sean writes:

"Wayne: Hey, I have a decent head of hair, don't even have to remember it. Most of my teeth as well. No pot belly either. How about you?

Anyway, you seem to have misconstrued my posting. All I was trying to say is I don't believe talents (at the Sun) are being utilized for the best. So If I were one of them, I'd have to ask myself: "Why hang around?"

I did mention a few and I know there are more like Michele Mandel, Jim Slotek, Lorrie Goldstein, Lynn Cockburn, Paul Jackson, Kerry Diotte, etc, etc. - many of whom I worked alongside - throughout the chain, all very talented people.

I agree it's up to them, and I would never suggest for one minute one shouldn't earn a pay cheque. And your point about having a "shitty" job is well taken. We've all had them.

However, I believe the Sun talent is being wasted by Quebecor. The Man at the top, Pierre Karl, is not a friend of journalists. He's a businessman; he could care less about what we do. We, on the other hand, are NOT businessmen. We care about what we do. Ergo, why would we hang in with someone like that?

Let's face it, if we were business folks and didn't care about what we did, we'd be buy newspapers and not be writing for them!

As for the original Sun. No it wasn't perfect. But it was a helluva lot more perfect than it is today. Remember where it sprang from, 62 dedicated journalists, NOT businessmen.

Be that as it may, the Sun was on the verge of having a national voice, sort of "Canada's other voice," as opposed to "Toronto's other voice." Peladeau has killed that.

Nobody pays any attention to the Sun anymore, in any city, and that's the tragedy, for it has voices that need to be heard."

Thank you for your e-mail Sean.

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