Thursday, 23 August 2007

Queen of Mean

"Queen of Mean has room in tomb"


That headline on Page 44 of today's Toronto Sun prompted flashbacks of the days when Sun rim pigs with unrelenting wit competed for the most memorable headline of the day.

We think a round of beer at Crook's was involved.

Those were the days when tabloid editors were in awe of the brilliant New York Post headline from April. 15, 1983:

"Headless Body In Topless Bar."

It remains the undisputed champion of tabloid headlines.

"Queen of Mean has room in tomb" is now on our Top 10 list of favourite Toronto Sun headlines.

Paul Heming, the late, great Sun copy editor, would be amused.

Will the Queen of Mean headline writer please stand up . . .

But speaking of the New York Post, veteran tabloid staffers might be interested in this online BusinessWeek review of It's Alive, a 2006 Steven Cuozzo book about the Post.

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