Tuesday, 28 August 2007

TSF Open Forum

The Toronto Sun Family blog, launched in early December, has just hit the 50,000 hits mark.

So, we thought, this is a good time to open postings to any and all current and former Sun media employees from all departments at all newspapers.

It is time to let you have your say on any Sun Media topic - good, bad or indifferent.

You can talk about the past, the present, the future.

Former staffers can share stories about their time at any of the Sun Media papers and bring us up to date on what they are doing today.

Today's Sun Media staffers can talk about their jobs and experiences.

Sun readers and anyone else can also e-mail us Sun-related postings.

All we ask is e-mails for Open Forum postings be civil.

Heck, we'll even post an open letter to TSF from Quebecor's Pierre Karl Peladeau if he's interested.

All Open Forum e-mails received by e-mail will be posted. If you want to remain anonymous, request anonymity in your e-mail, but we do need to know the identities of senders.

Meanwhile . . .

Hitting 50,000 visits is a milestone of sorts for a blog, but we do not have a breakdown of faithful readers, occasional readers, accidental readers etc.

TSF hits have come from around the world and while many foreign visitors come and go in a matter of seconds, some have taken the time to read our posts.

Our several hundred posts have prompted numerous comments, mostly anonymous. We have eliminated a dozen or so anonymous comments containing cheap shots at Sun staff and TSF.

We have also received numerous e-mails from the Sun's pioneers who contributed to the success of the Toronto Sun and its sibling newspapers.

TSF Open Forum - 50,000 hits and rising.

Sun Media is in the communications business.

TSF invites you to communicate.

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  1. I have a feeling that in the future, all we will be printing on a daily basis will be 24 Hours in each city. The Dailies will be online only...such a waste.