Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Nepotism: win win

We have never envied the sons and daughters of Toronto Sun vets and execs hired for a variety of jobs at 333 King Street East.

Office gossip thrives when it comes to nepotism and the Toronto Sun certainly has had its share of gossips in every department.

"Nepotism" put-downs can be cruel and, as witnessed at the Sun, are usually unfounded.

Except for a daughter of a Sun director, we can't remember a single son or daughter hired over the decades who received failing grades for attitude and performance.

They ignored the gossip and pulled their weight.

It was gratifying to watch these novice sons and daughters blossom into competent newspaper people without slacking off and taking advantage of family ties.

Moira MacDonald, daughter of the late Sun legend, Bob MacDonald, was first seen around the Sun newsroom selling Girl Guide cookies. Look at her now, an op-ed columnist.

Richard MacFarlane, son of another legend, J. Douglas MacFarlane, worked in the Sun library and went on to honour his father with a well-researched tribute book.

Rolf Rimstad, brother of the celebrated columnist Paul Rimstead, has been a valued sports copy editor for 30 years, with a one-year layoff recently reversed on appeal.

Bruce and Donald Creighton, sons of founding publisher Doug Creighton, pulled their weight in key office positions at the Sun.

And Danielle Crittenden, step-daughter of Peter Worthington, did the Sun co-founder proud as a tireless general assignment reporter then and as a Washington-based author now.

It was Peter's column about Danielle and her latest book in Tuesday's paper that got us thinking about all of the positive nepotism experiences within the Sun since 1971.

The above sons and daughters, and others hired along the way, helped put true "family" in Toronto Sun Family.

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