Friday, 1 February 2008

Collectibles 2

A TSF reader named Ambra writes:

"Hi, I have a copy of the final Toronto Telegram and was wondering if it is worth anything, or is there a place where it can be donated? Please let me know."

Hello Ambra,

The final Telegram from Oct. 30, 1971, complete with all of the inserts, sells for about $5 to $10 in flea markets and other buy and sell outlets.

In 1971, people hoarded bundles of the final Tely and stored them in closets and basements over the years as souvenirs, so they are not a difficult find.

The first Toronto Sun from Nov. 1, 1971, is another matter. The tabloid's first press run was about 75,000 and all were sold across the GTA. It became an instant collector's item.

Today, that 48-page Toronto Sun, with the "A $10M Goof" headline, in good condition can fetch $25 and up.

The Toronto Telegram copy you have might be enjoyed by seniors in your family. Reading the news, sports and entertainment of the day can be quite a nostalgia trip.

If you are cleaning house and want to donate your final Telegram, give it to Goodwill or a Salvation Army outlet.

Thank you for your e-mail, Ambra.

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