Friday, 1 February 2008

Page 1: Rage

The dumping of an eight-month-old baby girl on cold concrete in a Toronto parking garage like an unwanted pet has no doubt enraged Canadians.

The Toronto Sun's front page photo of the unidentified baby Thursday was heartbreaking, but just what police and the community needed to launch the search for the infant's parents.

Rob Lamberti's online story includes a photo of the baby girl, much needed to expand the reach of the probe into Toronto's third child abandonment case since 2003.

It is a cruel and heartless way to begin a life, but the heart of the community is surely on her side all the way. Calls from people wanting to adopt the girl are already being received.

Here's hoping the life of Baby X never again sinks to such a horrific low. And who is the life-saving woman who heard the baby whimpering after being abandoned two hours earlier? She deserves public recognition and a loud round of applause.

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