Monday, 18 February 2008

Family Day blahs

So Happy (Legislated) Family Day.

Toronto Sun vets no doubt grin in remembering how Doug Creighton helped to introduce a voluntary February Blah Day in the 1980s.

The extra day off, to help staffers get through each and every cold and bleak February, came from the heart and could be used on a day of our choice.

Much like the Sun's voluntary move to a smoke-free working environment in the 1980s, Blah Day was a voluntary gesture and much appreciated by employees.

No legislation needed.

We're not sure, but we get the feeling the Sun's Blah Day is one of the post-Quebecor cutback casualties.

And Family Day won't mean much to Sun Media employees across the province. They will be putting out their newspapers today.

So February at the Sun is just February once again.

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