Thursday, 28 February 2008

The bank job

If any punks contemplating a bank robbery read Wednesday's Toronto Sun, chances are they were scared straight.

A 16-year-old suspect tackled by an off-duty undercover cop during a Toronto bank robbery is seen on the ground with several heavily-armed ETF officers towering over him.

The amount of heavy artillery pointed at the teen made us wince.

As Joe Warmington mentions in today's Sun, the series of stunning take-down photos snapped by Dave Abel are sure to be award winners down the road.

Those photos, tabloid fare for sure, say so much about the terror of a bank robbery, whether the bandits are armed or not. The tears, the look of terror on the faces of innocent bystanders, the no-nonsense approach by heavily armed cops.

Movies might make light of bank robberies, but Dave Abel's dramatic photos clearly show there's nothing more traumatic for all involved.

That's what we are talking about when commenting on the Sun as it should be.

Great job, Dave.

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