Sunday, 3 February 2008

Radio ads classy

We are not sure how many new Toronto Sun radio ads there are, but if they are as classy as the Joe Warmington toast to movie critic Liz Braun, keep 'em coming.

It is refreshing to hear one veteran Sun staffer praise the work of another veteran Sun staffer, instead of Sun celebs using airtime for self-promotion.

Kudos to the person who came up with that concept and if the Sun's promotions department wants to tell TSF who it was and how many radio ads are in the campaign, we are here to listen.

The ad we heard Friday left us wanting more, which was not the case with the ill-fated "Five Good Reasons to Read the Sun" ad campaign late in 2006.

That elaborate promotion had to be scrapped when two of those good reasons - Bill Brioux and Val Gibson - were axed during the Quebecor chainsaw massacre.

Meanwhile, Joe's radio salute to Liz is a nice touch and warranted. Her movie review leads are often more entertaining than the movies.

Over Her Dead Body: "Sometimes a movie is so richly, gloriously, flamboyantly stupid that it starts to become fun to watch."

Saved 12 bucks right there with 17 words, even if the flick does star Eva Longoria-Parker.

Strange Wilderness: "Strange Wilderness is a stoner comedy you might describe as 90 minutes of a joy buzzer to the penis."

Another laugh and 12 more bucks pocketed for future DVD rentals.

We are anxious to hear more Sun staffers toasting other Sun staffers. Talent on board could keep the ads on air for the remainder of 2008.

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  1. Liz's spot singling out Steve Simmons is a keeper, too. Heard it on The Fan.