Friday, 15 February 2008

Jim Bawden bash

Bill Brioux, the much-missed former Toronto Sun TV critic, gives Jim Bawden, the much-missed former Toronto Star TV critic, a royal sendoff in his TV Feeds My Family blog.

Media celebs lined Wednesday night to wish Bawden the best in his post-Star years, including Brioux, Peter Goddard, Peter Mansbridge, former Sun staffer Ron Base, the Star's Rob Salem, the Globe's John Doyle etc.

Brioux, turfed by the Sun in January of 2007, says Bawden was "not-so-gently persuaded to accept an early retirement late last year" after 28 years at the Star.

Hopefully, Bawden has some irons in the fire and will continue to share his wealth of experience as a TV writer at another venue. Brioux didn't waste any time getting back on the TV circuit after being canned by the Sun.

Brioux's blog and Canadian Press stories, John Doyle's columns in the Globe and Rob Salem's Hot Box: Television to talk about in the Star keep this lifetime couch potato up to date on TV news, but Bawden's absence is felt.

We need all of the experienced TV critics T.O. can handle, if only to answer the most important question in television today:

What the hell is going on in Lost?

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