Monday, 7 February 2011

- Kalvin Reid

Updated 9/02/11
A recent comment posted by a TSF reader says it all: "I've never seen a company so uninterested in keeping its own talent."

Ain't that the truth.

Another dedicated Sun Media employee who is calling it quits is Kalvin Reid, editorial page editor at the St. Catharines Standard.

His signed editorials and op-ed pieces have been published in Sun Media newspapers across the chain. 

One TSF source says "the very hard working, dedicated editorial page editor" has resigned to take a job at Enterprise Canada, formerly the Ontario Editorial Board.

Reid, gone as of Feb. 18, was a student intern at the Brantford Expositor before moving on to the Simcoe Reformer (1997 to 1999). He was hired as a Standard reporter in June of 1999 and was promoted to editorial page editor in 2006.

He has won awards along the way.

The prolific editorial writer will be missed by colleagues and readers, including Carolyn Tytler, a senior who was mentored by Reid as an online guest writer.

She writes about his dedication to journalism here.


  1. Yet another grim day in Niagara - about 20 people let go at Welland's pre-press department. Time to start picking a casket, these papers are done.

  2. 18 people in the pre-press/composing department just lost their jobs this morning. They are keeping eight people.

  3. We are just a number and all this company cares about is how much they save in salary and vacation when someone leaves.

    Just hire another student, pay them pennies while they sport their own gear and ignore the pissed off readers.

  4. what a big loss for the standard. great talent.

  5. Letting go of one of there finest!!!
    Shame on you Sun Media.