Friday, 23 March 2007

Antonia Z writes

Antonia Zerbisias, a popular Toronto Star columnist/blogger, is inviting Sun Media staffers who have been laid off, fired or have resigned in frustration to chat with her about their experiences.

"Write to me at if you're reluctant to leave a comment here," Antonia says in a comment at the bottom of our Sun deja vu posting. "I have never burned a source. But I will need to confirm who you are."

Antonia, a media watchdog who has blogged about the woes of Sun Media several times and isn't optimistic about the future of the Sun dailies.

The rise and fall of the Toronto Sun on its own (in staff numbers and morale) is a major Canadian media story that has yet to be told by those who were along for the ride.

Will it take other media, the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, the fifth estate etc., to get Sun Media victims to tell it like it is?

Fair enough.

So if you are among the Sun Media victims who feel Toronto Sun Family is too close to home, e-mail Antonia with your stories. Or talk to the Globe and Mail, the fifth estate, W5 etc.

Just get your stories told before the Suns burn out.

It is time to communicate.

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