Friday, 30 March 2007

Re Michael Peake

When we talk about Sun veterans who have given their all over the decades, Michael Peake is among them. The award-winning photographer has been snapping photos for the Sun since 1975.

Michael has also been paddling canoes in the wilds of the Canadian north since the 1970s, with camera in hand, and we have just discovered his web site containing a wide selection of his breathtaking souvenirs.

The dozens of photos snapped from canoes and on land include scenic rapids, sunsets, waterfalls etc. (Two treasured wall hangings in this blogger's house are river scenes snapped by Michael on Northern Ontario canoe trips in the 1980s. They are forever mesmerizing. )

Michael is a rare breed. As a photographer, he has been fortunate enough to maximize his lens talents at work and at play.

The associate Sun photo editor is also editor and publisher of Che-Mun - The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing, a 12-page quarterly magazine devoted to opening up the wilds to canoe enthusiasts. Che-Mun online can be found here.

But when most Sun readers think of Michael circa 1986, they don't picture him paddling canoes in the wilds. They remember his photo of a bikini-clad model getting manhandled by a large tiger in a High Park photo shoot gone wrong.

That memorable front page Sun photo was published in newspapers and magazines around the world and won Michael a coveted 1986 National Newspaper Award for photography.

Michael is just one of many key Sun employees whose talents played a large part in the success of the tabloid. Viewing dozens of his photos online for the first time just called for another tip of the hat.

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