Thursday, 22 March 2007

Calgary Sun cuts

It is the Calgary Sun's turn today to feel the wrath of Quebecor's newsroom cuts, with five veteran staffers being axed.

Carlos Amat, photographer, 23 years service, and Ian Wilson, Business editor, 11 years, were the first to be told they were no longer needed. Also cut were Kit Poole, assistant managing editor, 20 years; Dan Toth, Calgary Stampeders beat reporter, 10-plus years, and Brian Whipp, systems manager, 20-plus years.

They represent more than 80 years of Calgary Sun newsroom experience.

The latest Sun Media casualties learned their fate one by one as they were called to an office.

"The axe is falling on long-time editorial staff in Calgary today as I write this," said the first of several tipsters in an e-mail to Toronto Sun Family.

(The Calgary Sun was launched Aug. 3, 1980, during the glory days of the Sun, with Les Pyette at the helm in the former offices of the Calgary Albertan.)

Toronto Sun Family blog readers at the non-union Calgary Sun have been watching the cutbacks at sister papers in Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg with concern they would be next.

Carlos, Ian, Kit, Dan and Brian, welcome to the growing Sun Media casualties club. If you want to vent, TSF readers are here for you.

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