Friday, 30 March 2007

A reader's viewpoint

Toronto Sun Family has been focusing on in-house reports and comments about cutbacks, layoffs, firings, buyouts, resignations etc. since the blog was launched in December.

And now for something completely different, commentary about the woes of Sun Media since Quebecor's takeover - from a Sun reader.

A reader who echoes what some Sun vets have been thinking - let Quebecor go on its merry way with the remnants of the Toronto Sun, regroup and start anew as an independent print/Internet tabloid.

Kaeli Andersen, a Toronto Sun reader, writes:

"I'm so sorry to See all these people go. Valerie Gibson, Al Cairns, Mike Patton and Mike Koreen, as well as others I have not mentioned.

"This is just leaving a gaping hole in the Toronto Sun, a newspaper which is badly needed in this city. It's sad to see a newspaper go down the tubes like this. (The Toronto Star has an article on it

"Toronto needs a paper like the Sun. The Star is quite left-leaning, the Sun is more to the right. The city needs both papers in order to provide a balanced view.

"It is very sad to see this happening to what was a good paper. With the Sun gone, a huge gap would be left in the city's journalism circles, and with that, a balance in reporting.

"I hope one day a new paper will arise from the ashes of the Sun should it go under."

Kaeli Andersen

Thank you for your e-mail Kaeli.

The thought of telling Quebecor to take a hike and round up former and current employees for a new venture is exhilarating.

We can hear the cynics shouting "it can't be done," just as the Toronto Sun's founders heard the cynics when the tabloid was launched Nov. 1, 1971.

But it could be done, with the proven talents of Sun vets from all departments and with the financial backing of people who believe in the proven ways of the Toronto Sun.

Remain independent, focus on the proven print/Internet readership niche and enjoy being a newspaper that provides a quality product, with adequate staff and a hospitable work environment, just like the Sun of old.

The idea gives us goosebumps.

Talent lost to Quebecor's mayhem since 1999 represents hundreds of years of tabloid experience, so there would be no need for job applications and screenings.

This phoenix of a newspaper wouldn't have age restrictions now that the archaic forced retirement at 65 laws are history, so proven Sun talent of all ages could contribute.

As Ma Murray and other late, great legendary independent publishers in Canada's media history books clearly showed, you are never too old to be in the news biz.

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