Saturday, 24 March 2007

Globe's data spin

The Globe and Mail's Grant Robertson offers another view of the NADbank figures in his column today, with an emphasis on a decline in the circulation of 24 Hours and other free newspapers.

"The rapid growth of free newspapers in Canada appears to be softening, while more than one in five readers of some major dailies now get their news online, industry data released yesterday suggest," writes the media critic.

"Readership of the commuter dailies Metro and 24 Hours fell in Toronto last year, marking a shift for the segment, which has been the fastest growing in the industry for several years.

"Metro, which has become the fourth-biggest paper by readership in Canada's largest market, had an 11.7-per-cent-drop in weekday readers, to 372,800, said Newspaper Audience Databank Inc.

"Weekday readership of 24 Hours, the fifth-biggest Toronto paper, fell 1.1 per cent to 345,700."

You can read Grant's full story here.

Thanks for the 24 Hours figures, Grant. We didn't see those figures in today's Toronto Sun and the CNW and CCNMathews press releases.

Sun print edition circulation up, 24 Hours print edition circulation down. Go figure.

Most interesting is the variety of ways one newspaper circulation figures report can be played.

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