Friday, 23 March 2007

Calgary cuts update

When the dust settled in the Calgary Sun newsroom yesterday, these staffers were out of work:

Kit Poole, assistant managing editor, 23 years service;

Ian Wilson, Business editor, 11 years service;

Carlos Amat, photographer, 23 years service;

Dan Toth, Calgary Stampeders beat writer, 10-plus years service;

Brian Whipp, systems manager, 20-plus years.

Roughly 90 years of Sun experience out the door.

One former staffer says Kit Poole is "one of the most-liked editors at the Calgary Sun. She handles the Sunday entertainment pullout and TV book, as well as most of the advertising/editorial tabs."

Also announced yesterday: the vacant entertainment editor, lifestyles editor and music editor positions will not be filled.

So Quebecor's convergence plan has pretty well gutted the non-union Calgary Sun, leaving it without local business, entertainment, music, football and lifestyle content.

Add the absence of promised profit sharing (despite a "record 2006" for the Calgary Sun) and raises that were to be given in January, and you are left with zero morale.

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