Saturday, 1 September 2007

Forum - Classifieds 2

Another TSF Open Forum e-mail from a former Toronto Sun classified department employee commenting on the pending shutdown of the department:

Hi. I left the Toronto Sun Classified Department just over a month ago after I had been told that there would likely “not be a job” for me much longer and was advised that I should start looking elsewhere.

I don’t think they wanted to let us go. Carmen wanted to hold on tight to our department. But alas, I wish everyone all the best. I’m writing a book about my year of work at the Toronto Sun. A little Devil Wears Prada meets Don Cherry.

My time at the Toronto Sun was life altering and intense. I found out so many juicy secrets and will delve into them in my book. Ha, if you know anyone that would like to publish such a thing, let me know.

If you post this on your site, I’d like to remain anonymous, although I’m sure everyone will know it’s me.

Again, I only wish the Toronto Sun Classified Department all the best. What a group. Good luck to Eleanor, she’ll be there forever. Does anyone know what’s happening to Carmen?


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  1. Carmen is apparently going out to Ottawa. This is what I have heard.