Sunday, 2 March 2008

Airport gotcha?

Former Toronto Sun vet Ian Harvey does a lot of travelling as a freelancer and that includes frequent border crossings.

A few nights ago, Ian was returning from the United States, passport in hand at Pearson and looking forward to getting home to the roost.

"Just as the guy opened my passport, the customs guy in the next booth looks over and says 'Ian Harvey,'" Ian says in a TSF e-mail.

"I jumped, thinking my name was up on Interpol and I was going to be taken to a side room for a closer examination," says Ian. "Then the guy says 'I'm Warren Becker. I used to be the night guy on the Sun police desk' "

Warren, indeed, was a freelance photographer who filled in on the overnight police desk on weekends years ago. His dad was security chief at North York Board of Education.

Toronto Sun Family members never forget faces - or names.

But airport customs is the last place you expect to be recognized.

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