Monday, 27 October 2008

Day Oners 3

Ron Poulton's sports department body count for Day One of the Toronto Sun was five: George Gross, Kaye Corbett, Ken Adachi, John Iaboni and Eaton Howitt.

The tidy and productive five-pack would set the pace for award-winning Sun sports coverage for the next several decades.

TSF's countdown to the Toronto Sun's 37th anniversary this Saturday continues with the two surviving Day One sports staffers - Kaye Corbett and John Iaboni.

(Profiles of George, Ken, Eaton and all of the known departed in all departments will be in the final Day One update posting.)

(11) Kaye Corbett: Kaye, a sports writer who rode tall in the saddle at the Sun from Day One to 1994, almost made a detour to a job in Montreal after the Tely's closing was announced. But an offer from George Gross pulled him back into the fold in time for Day One. Almost 40 years later, Kaye vividly remembers the giddiness of that Halloween packaging of the Sun's first 48-page paper, with 13 pages of sports. Today, Kaye hangs his cowboy hat at the online Jerusalem Sun, corralling his favourite news and sports of the day. Read Kaye's Day One memories here.

(12) John Iaboni: Toronto Sun readers got a good 13 years out of this Toronto-born sports reporter, who got his start at the Toronto Telegram in 1968 while still in school. In the final week of the Tely, John interviewed a promising 10-year-old hockey player named Wayne Gretzky. It was John's first major newspaper story and the interview is still being talked about today. Since leaving the Sun in 1984, the former assistant sports editor has been entrenched in the sports world, including the CFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and the Olympics. Read John's Day One memories here.

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