Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rewrites & Bob

We spotted another lengthy lead - 45 words to be exact - in the Toronto Sun the other day and we wondered, will it ever end?

Well, it just might.

Word is Bob McConachie, the Toronto Sun's former Ottawa editor and Metro editor, is returning to city desk as rewrite editor early in November.

The Sun hasn't had a designated rewrite desk since this blogster departed in 1994 and it often shows in the writing of younger staffers and the occasional old pro.

Bob, an affable guy who has a way with words and people, is the perfect Sun vet for the job.

Hopefully, he will have time to mentor young reporters who tend to flounder without advice from the vets.

A rewrite editor is a must for any major daily. Kudos to management for the renewed focus on rewrites and appointing Bob to the job. It is a win-win decision.

And a city desk with Kevin Hann, Zen Ruryk, Dave Ellis, Jonathan Kingstone and Bob McConachie holding the fort ain't too shabby.

Did we say ain't?


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