Friday, 31 October 2008

Day Oners 6

Thirty-seven Halloweens ago, more than five dozen men and woman fresh from the defunct Toronto Telegram gathered in a creaky old former factory to give birth to the Toronto Sun.

What an exhilarating experience that Halloween effort must have been for one and all.

In the first 37 years of the Sun, when stories have been told of how it all began, most of the ink has gone to the high profile writers, editors and photographers.

The following people, listed in Ron Poulton's 1976 Life in a Word Factory, worked in various departments on Day One and we would be delighted to hear from them.

Tell us your Day One stories and bring us up to date on your post-Sun years. We will add your comments and include a photo if provided.

If any of the following people are deceased, please let us know and their names, obits and profiles will be added to the Day Oners' departed posting due tomorrow.

Each and every Day Oner should be recognized for their part in the Miracle on King Street. It was truly a unique print media journey.

Where Are They Now?

Newsroom: (21) Ray Biggart; (22) Bob McMillan; (23) David Farrer; (24) John Jursa; (25) Helen Bourke; (26) Jim Cowan; (27) Grant Maxwell; (28) Olive Collins; (29) Larry Collins

Library: (30) Bill Nicholson

Circulation: (31) John LeMay; (32) Ron Tonks; (33) William King

Display advertising: (34) Bruce Tuttle; (35) Dick Shatto; (36) Hugh Funston; (37) Gord Jackson; (38) Norm Milne; (39) John McKay; (40) Noel Ing; (41) Domenica Farella

Syndicate department: (42) Ron Cornell; (43) Paul Gillespie; (44) Bruce Borland; (45) Mary Buchanan; (46) Sandra D'Cruz

Business office: (47) Jim Brown; (48) Howard Hayes; (49) Bruce Rae (deceased); (50) Mary Zelezinksy

Secretarial: (51) Ann Rankin; (52) Susan Turpin; (53) Linda Bone

Switchboard: (54) Margaret Kmiciewicz (Deceased); (55) Jean Osborne

Messengers: (56) Jim Walsh; (57) Graham Evoy

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