Monday, 6 October 2008

Price hike 2

The At Home in Hespeler blogger says the line has been drawn with a $1.50, plus tax, Toronto Sun.

"So it is, that at my house, the asteroid has hit my Toronto Sun habit as of today," the entry reads. "I can't imagine too many people paying a fifty percent price increase for a deteriorating product (that's available for free anyway) in an increasingly difficult marketplace. But the geniuses who brought you Paul Berton and Rob Granatstein think differently, and who am I to argue with success like that?"

TSF will post additional price hike comments from readers when found online or received via e-mail.

Sun readers being asked for $1.50, plus tax, as of today have to decide if the return on their daily investment through stories, columns, ads and other features, is adequate.

As mentioned in a previous posting, contributions of the old guard still make the Sun a good buy at $1.50, plus tax. The Sun has lost its edge as a tabloid, but still has its moments.

We could do without:

The 40-word leads;

Earlier deadlines at the expense of sports scores, concert reviews and late-night breaking news;

Those two and three-page special reports that belong in broadsheet newspapers, not a tabloid;

The numerous annoying throws to exclusive content on

And while the heart of the Sun under Quebecor has all but vanished, along with a large number of employees, there are occasions when the Sun of old shines through.

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  1. i will NOT buy the toronto sun again!I hate how all these companies just raise prices.Tim hortons raises all their prices when minimum wage went up.Whats funny is all their workers make that.LOL.I hope they dont drink it cause they just got slapped in the face.Everything we buy comes from china.Even mcdonalds kids meal toys.LOL!I went to get an extension cord.Went all the stores,they are all from china.Our government knows what is happening here.In about 10 more years,when there are next to no factories left.They will say we have cleaner air.Its what you wanted.All these big companies are getting huge amounts of money paying the wages in china,taiwan,indonesia.The papers hardly ever write about the real stories that are affecting the world as everyone sees it.Its really a BIG joke.80,000$ just to go to these universities are big $$$$ makers,and they still get monies from the gov.What a joke.700 billion $$$ to help the rich people.They could have given everyone one million $$$,the economy in the states would have skyrocketed.Its all a scam,and we the average joe are living it!