Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Missing teen

Updated 9/22/08
As of Tuesday, the Toronto Sun has been MIA in coverage of the missing Barrie teen, Brandon Crisp, 15.

There was a time when the Sun would have jumped all over the story of a straight-A high school student with a video game addiction vanishing without a trace.

The tabloid caught up to the story yesterday with an extended Sun flash, without a photo, while the CBC, CTV, the Barrie Examiner (a Sun Media newspaper, no less), the Barrie Advance, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and other media are covering it as a major story.

And, in this computer age, Facebook is playing a part in the search for Brandon.

Brandon, missing for a week, disappeared after riding off on his bicycle following an argument with his parents over his frequent playing of an Xbox game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Why the Sun hasn't devoted more space to the missing teen is puzzling.

Wednesday's Sun, perhaps? A full column by Bonokoski, Mandel, Warmington or Strobel?

Stay tuned.

(Update: Full story and photo in Wednesday's print edition, but story only online. Once again, why would have a story about a missing person and not use a photo?)

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