Thursday, 2 October 2008

e-edition layout

Perhaps it is a technical roadblock, but why can't the Toronto Sun's e-edition have a full table of contents, front page to back, including the sports section?

Programmers have added helpful links to various sections and the Sunday Sun on the home page, but once signed in sports is not in the Table of Contents. You have click on "Select Title" and "Toronto Sun Sections" to get to the sports section.

And the daily sports section is mixed with links to sections from the previous Sunday Sun.

A tad confusing for readers of the sports pages.

Also, after you have read the sports pages and want to return to the news pages, you have to go back into Select Title and select Toronto Sun. Returning to the front news pages should be simplified.

OK, one more.

You click on Comment in the Table of Contents and there are links to Letters to the Editor and op-ed pieces, but not to Andy Donato's popular cartoon. The site has it right, with a home page link to the daily cartoon.

On the positive side, calendar access to up to 10 previous e-editions of the Sun is a plus.

When the 14-day trial expires and e-edition becomes a paid service, users should not have to go hunting for their favourite sections.

A paid site should be 100% user friendly and were not quite there yet, folks.

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