Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Re Lisa Lisle

Lisa Lisle, the woman behind, has been appointed Sun Media's director of multimedia, says the current edition of Thinkmedia.

The position is hers, effective Oct. 20.

We wish Lisa well. Hopefully, she will focus on utilizing the Internet's full potential for online newspapers to compete with the immediacy of radio and television news.

Anything less than as-it-happens news, sports and entertainment, puts a damper on the transition to web media.

The content has not been news as it happens, it has been news when we get around to posting what we have, usually in block uploads at specific times.

It is improving. They no longer wait until the print edition hits the streets before updating, but it should be much more current throughout the day and night.

But back to Lisa's appointment.

Not bad for a someone who joined Sun Media as an Ottawa Sun police reporter in 1999, working her way up to assistant city editor before transferring to the Toronto Sun in 2005.

Lisa was associate city editor at the Toronto Sun last October when named national online editor. Computers are obviously her forte.

The Thinkmedia announcement says Lisa "has been working closely with newsroom staff to create multimedia content that has figured in the explosive growth and development of the various Sun websites."

It says Lisa "will lead the evolution of multimedia journalism for all the urban and community papers, establishing editorial standards and helping to identify developing technologies to continue Sun Media’s online growth."

Her responsibilities will include "the first-generation position of general manager of new media, occupied by Mike Nesbitt who is moving to Australia later this month."

We'd like to think Lisa will be given adequate resources and ample staff to cope with that "explosive" growth, but TSF tipsters say that ain't so.

If the minimal websites staff info is accurate, we feel for Lisa. You can't run websites - or newsrooms - professionally without adequate staff.

Now all we need is a head and shoulder shot of the energetic web woman.

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