Thursday, 17 September 2009

Barrie press out?

Quebecor is shutting down another one of their smalltown printing presses, this time Georgian Web in Barrie, says a TSF tipster.

The tipster says Sun Media's Barrie-area newspapers will apparently be printed at Quebecor's Toronto plant after Georgian Web shuts down in 1 1/2 months.

"This shop was new in 2000 and doing regional printing 24 hours a day at one point," says the tipster. "They also had the most colour capacity of any single width press that Quebecor owned in Ontario.

"As far as I know, they are only printing a few papers now and down to one shift. Not sure how many press staff are left and if any of them were offered jobs (elsewhere).

"Another head scratcher . . . "

Buying and shutting down printing presses in smaller communities makes business sense for Quebecor. Independent print newspaper startups are less likely in communities without presses.

How many newspapers are going to be printed at Quebecor's Toronto plant?

Can you imagine the chaos of a major breakdown of the presses and delivery disruptions during winter storms and highway accidents?


  1. How many different newspapers are being printed there now? How many more do they have time for?

  2. Can anyone wait for the first huge snow storm to hit? I wonder if they'll use dog sleds to ship out all of the papers.

  3. Snowstorm or major crash on the highway will make things fun. It's bad enough Sun Media has pissed off its readers with redesigns, reductions and closures, don't you dare make their paper late!

    There was already a major mistake last week from Barrie's Centre of Excellence *cough* which resulted in papers being extremely late (about five to six hours) and a lot of early morning scrambling.

    Can't wait for the chaos of winter!

  4. Wait till they add Brantford to the press in Islington - even more chaos shall rain

  5. Are you kidding me? I can't remember the last time Brantford's newspaper was on time! I get mine well after I leave for work most days.

    I really have no idea why I read it anymore. Four of the six days it publishes feel like an 8-pager with most of the bulk coming from flyers. The image quality is just as terrifying as it was when it printed in London, the grammatical errors and typos are more rampant than ever now they've moved the page building to Woodstock, and half of the B-section is composed of Classified fillers!

    Sun Media should be ashamed of the monstrosity they've created from what used to be a great community daily.

  6. We're scheduled to print at Islington this coming Monday (October 5th). Tuesday's newspaper should look fantastic. But possibly a little late.

  7. Well if that's the case, will printing in Islington also fix the quality of the writing? I counted six mistakes, and four grammatical errors in one front page article earlier this week. And the Tuesday and Wednesday paper had cutlines that were clearly written by a madman!
    I dare you to prove to us all that trained monkeys are not at the helm in Brantford. Sorry, my mistake... Woodstock/Barrie. I guess Brantford doesn't play too great a role in their own newspaper production these days.