Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Slipping & sliding

A TSF tipster re Sun Media's Brantford Expositor:

"Brantford Expositor Update

"Like Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship . . .

"People are leaving The Expositor faster than anyone can throw farewell parties.

"A month ago, the advertising manager announced he had a great job at the local casino.

"Right after that guy's good-bye piss-up, the circulation manager packed up his desk with no notice and left for a local press operation that seems to be ready for major expansion.

"Two days after that, the assistant production manager, who is also the general IT guy, quit.

"Today, the advertorial copy-writer handed in her notice and we found out the advertising manager left the casino after one day and is now at the local independent press. Who will be next? Are they recruiting? How much do they pay? Sign us up.

"It's an obvious sign of competition coming and with our quality going down we're giving the competition an easy start."


  1. it is'nt surprising.
    with all the talented and experienced staff
    gone, laid-off or leaving, this local press is poaching, and picking the big guns.

    the community is also sick of the homogenized product.

    too bad,for more than 160 years, the expositor was a trusted, award-winning,and respected daily, that competed in one of the toughest markets in southern ontario. It held its' own because of the local content.
    Merci PKP- well done.

  2. That's the saddest part - seeing papers well over a hundred years old being destroyed by this cancerous plague of a company. These publications survived the Great Depression, for God's sake, and this is how it ends?

  3. Does PKP provide lifejackets?

  4. PKP provides no life jackets,
    only the water to drown.
    And like that other from Quebec,
    Celine Dion to sing while you are drowning.

  5. I commend this new group, whoever they may be, for going forward and taking the steps of putting something back into the market that has been missing for quite sometime!!

  6. PKP did provide life jackets. But now there's only one, and it's been moved to Woodstock.