Friday, 4 September 2009

Buckland at MSN

Jason Buckland, one of the numerous Black Tuesday Toronto Sun layoff casualties last December, has landed on his feet at the Toronto-based MSN Money blog.

The former Sun reporter is one of three co-authors of the financial blog and is profiled in a bio that reads:

The modern-day MC Hammer of money, Jason can often be seen spending cash that isn’t his with the efficiency of a Wilt Chamberlain first date.

After cutting his teeth as a reporter for the Toronto Sun, he joined the MSN Money team with the financial pedigree of Warren Buffett – that is, if by “vast corporate wealth” you mean “familiarity with the overdraft charge” and by “investment legend” you mean “pyramid scheme target.”

He moved to Toronto from his hometown of London, Ont., in 2004.

This has been another TSF Where Are They Now? posting.

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