Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sun runners

With Sue-Ann Levy in a political race, Torontoist writer Jamie Bradburn takes an extended look at three previous Toronto Sun candidates - Paul Rimstead, Lubor Zink and Peter Worthington.

Paul's 1972 run for Toronto mayor and Zink and Worthington's unsuccessful federal campaigns are profiled. One interesting flashback describes how Paul continued to write - and use - his column during his bid for mayor.

We'll know Thursday if Sue-Ann, on leave from her Sun column, will be back at work Monday writing about city hall politics.

Bradburn wites:

"When voters go to the ballot box in St. Paul’s on Thursday their choices will include the latest in a long line of Toronto Sun columnists who have attempted to parlay their print personas into elected office, usually for parties that have matched the paper’s right-wing tilt."

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