Tuesday, 15 September 2009

OttSun dry

Summer is almost over.

Guess that is why, as reported by a TSF tipster, Sun Media removed the water coolers from the Ottawa Sun yesterday. It could be they are being replaced by spiffy new coolers, or not.

With most of TSF's early tipsters now out of work or too damned fearful of losing their jobs to provide information, we're not sure how many Sun Media papers are cooler-free these days.

Employees at papers that have lost coolers do have bottled water and tap water to keep hydrated. But bottled water isn't free and tap water at some of the older buildings probably needs testing before deemed safe to drink.

The bean counters are just chipping away at any expense that might improve the bottom line. Could the silencing of air conditioning units and cooler winter heating temps be next?


  1. Canoe started charging for its own coffee machine earlier this year. 25c a cup for what used to be free.

  2. Imagine the indignity of having to drink tap water, or pay for your own coffee. What a world.

  3. Before long, Sun Media under PKP will be adopting this famous Ted Knight saying: http://bit.ly/dFYo

  4. One of the A/C units at this old Osprey paper has been on the fritz for weeks now. No rush to fix it. then again, I believe it cools a part of the building where maybe two or three people sit -- much fewer than just a few years ago before the so-called increases in efficiencies.
    As for the water cooler, this place never had one. We do have a water fountain that's got a chiller attached. I'm sure that plug will be pulled shortly.

  5. Hey anonymous #2 it IS an indignity in a world that no longer offers profit sharing or bonuses or raises.

  6. Water coolers gone for months in Toronto. PK won't spend the $600 required to fix the front door. Lights are not beng replaced. All cable but 3 on newsroom TVs is gone. Cleaners' hours cut back, cafeteria cutbacks (it closes at 4 - screw you night shifters), no replates for news (24 Hours has them, though), Warren Shippell cancelled (under stress at work? Too bad), new Flex health benefits plan, cancellation of photo-of-the-month award... yessir, paying for coffee is a travesty.