Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Slipping & sliding 2

A TSF tipster says Sun Media's Welland Tribune is fading fast.

"Two more people were let go from the Tribune. One helped out in circulation and the press room.

"The other was a part-time (but worked almost more like a full time) person in reception/classified.

"The paper will be closing its two satellite offices in Port Colborne and Pelham in the very near future and moving the reporters from those two offices into a crowded (space-wise, not body-wise) newsroom.

"Receptionists from both offices are being moved to Welland as well when the offices close."


  1. Of course the Welland Tribune is fading fast, there is nobody working there anymore.

  2. Right, and the other half will be in Mumbai six months from now. And that's from the proverbial horses mouth... It's a sick time we live in, when decent, hard working Canadians are being passed up for overseas sweat shops. Luckily, PKP and his SS can blame it all on the recession. Handy that.

  3. PKP is using the recession to get rid of people so he can have more money for his cellphone empire in Quebec and maybe for a new hockey team. And as long as the shareholders keep seeing a return, nothing will change.
    Despite his talks at the various newspapers, this man does not care at all about them or his employees. His grandiose plans of a multimedia empire will crumble when there is no one left at any of the papers.