Thursday, 4 February 2010

1st Hanson winner

A freelance photographer is the inaugural winner of the Tom Hanson Photojournalism Award.

A Canadian Press story says Adrien Veczan, 24, has had photos in the Toronto Star and Sydney Morning Herald and will join CP later this year as a paid six-week intern.

The award was created by CP and the Canadian Journalism Foundation to "preserve the professional legacy of one of Canada's best-loved news photographers."

Graeme Roy, the news agency's director of news photography, said Veczan's portfolio was selected from a strong pool of applicants.

"We had an incredibly positive response to the award; the volume of submissions we received far exceeded our expectations," Roy said.

The CP story says Veczan received congratulations from Hanson's widow, Catherine.

Hanson, who was with CP for 15 years, died last March. He was 41.

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  1. Photographers take care of their own. Reporters crawl over each other. I'm a reporter.